Chapter 1

1) Who are the 2 protagonists of the story? What do they do?

2) Where does the story take place? Setting (marc, escenari)

3)Why was Deng worried although the sea was calm?

4) Are they superstitious ( 2 items)

5) What did the fortune-teller say to him:_

6) Why did the boat stop moving?

7) What 2 things did they find in the net

8) Was it valuable or worthless?

9) How come there is a plate in the net?

10) Why do foreigners often come to this part of Thailand.

11) What will they do with the plate?

Chapter 2

Explain the word QUEST

1) What does Mark Blackburn do for a living?

2) What has he found recently?

3) What do the tourists do around the place?

4) What did he find on the wreck?

5) Why is the origin Chinese?

6) Who was Marco Polo

7) Daeng offers his plate to Mark. What porcelain is it and from which century?

8) How do they know the approximate date?

9) Marks asks Daeng where exactly he was fishing when he found the plate.

What does Daeng answer??

10) Mark says he can't buy the plate. Why????

11) IN the end how much money does Mark offer him if he tells him the place??

Chapter 3

1)At what time do they have to meet Deang?

2) Daeng wasn't there but what did Mark find in the water??

3) What has happened to Daeng??

Chapter 4

Find a synonym for the following words



1 )The police think that Daeng had had an accident but Mark doesn't believe him.. Why??

2) Why did they kill Daeng??

Chapter 5

Find a word for
Wanting to drink:
When there is no light:
Look for
Not very loud
Somebody from another country
When water is at 100 degrees or more
Something to cover you body in bed at night.
It comes out of you eyes when you cry
Most important.

Chapter 6
Find a word for
You do it with candles on a birthday cake.
Piece of cloth which makes a boat move when the wind blows
Drive a boat:_
Let fall down
You let it fall down when you want to park a shop.
Swim under water.
Special clothes you use when you swim under water at a great depth.
All living beings do it. They take oxygen.
Upper part of an object,
Bottom part of the sea.
Withoug mountains nor hill.
One of your fingers
Clean away
Pilot's cabin on a ship.
A few
Not visible
Source of light
Fishermen use it to fish
Press on the buttons of a mobile phone