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2 Composition.

1) The Christmas tradition. Write a composition in pairs.
2)A student has been expelled from school




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3 Listening Comprehension

Department store

User: IES

Password: Professorat

Small kitchen appliances


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3) Roommates

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The woman which works here is from Japan

She's married with a dentist

She was boring in the class

I must to call him immediately.

Every students like the teacher.

I enjoyed from the movie

I like very much ice cream.

She can to drive.

Where I can find the bank?

I live in United States

When I will arrive, I will call you.

I have been here since three months.

She doesn't listen me.

You speak English good.

The house isn't enough big.

You should not to smoke.

Do you like a glass of wine??

There is 7 girls in the class.

I didn't meet nobody.

Plese tell me ho improve my English.

We studied during 4 hours.

Is ready my passport

The life is hard!

My brother has 10 years.

I want eat now.

She said me that she liked you.

It is mor ehot now..

More late we went to the bar.

I think that the happiness is important

We can to live in London

I write this letter for explain why I was late

I want to know because you didn't come yesterday

I didn't wait you because I had to go to work.

He said me: " Today will be a happy day"

After I went to the restaurant with my friend.

Please, you don't leave me

I don't know if your history is true

But isn't too late to change your life.

He will say you when we'll meet again.

You know than I am patient.

I decided write a letter.

I didn't believe nothing.

I have fallen in .love with other person.

He was much happy to see her.

Intermediate: quite difficult

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