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Part two Listenings

1) Listening:

The Local News Listening Quiz

  1. What time is it?
  2. What was Jason Stone's Job?
  3. Where did he die?
  4. How old was Jason Stone?
  5. Which two schools did he study at in Oxton?
  6. Where did he travel to work?
  7. What time is the tribute to Jason Stone?
  8. How long has it been since it last rained?
  9. What is the water level?
  10. How often are people allowed to water the garden?
  11. What can people NOT do?
  12. What was the temperature yesterday at 2 p.m.?
  13. What has the hospital reported?
  14. Who is most at risk?
  15. How long should the hot weather continue?

  16. Where did the fire take place?
  17. How many patients had to be evacuated?
  18. How long did it take to extinguish the fire?
  19. When will the next edition of the news be?


3)Popular Person. Listening Picasso


Read the following questions and make sure you understand them. Listen to Picasso’s biography again and write the answers to the following questions

a. When was he born?

b. What did he do (what was his job)?

c. What is the name of his famous work?

d. What was his father’s job? e.

When he was 16, where did he go to study arts?

f. Where did he go when he was 20?

g. Who did he marry?

h. Did he become a celebrity in Paris? i

.iHe became famous for his anti-war views. What painting shows this?

2. Listen to the biography of Pablo Picasso again and write down 4 things which happened in his life.

3 Listening longevity


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3)Short Listenings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Correct the errors

She's married with a dentist

She was boring in the class

I must to call him immediately.

Every students like the teacher.

I enjoyed from the movie

I like very much ice cream.

She can to drive.

Where I can find the bank?

I live in United States

When I will arrive, I will call you.

I have been here since three months.

She doesn't listen me.

You speak English good.

The house isn't enough big.

You should not to smoke.

Do you like a glass of wine??

There is 7 girls in the class.

I didn't meet nobody.

Plese tell me ho improve my English.

We studied during 4 hours.

Is ready my passport

The life is hard!

My brother has 10 years.

I want eat now.

She said me that she liked you.

It is mor ehot now..

More late we went to the bar.

I think that the happiness is important

We can to live in London

I write this letter for explain why I was late

I want to know because you didn't come yesterday

I didn't wait you because I had to go to work.

He said me: " Today will be a happy day"

After I went to the restaurant with my friend.

Please, you don't leave me

I don't know if your history is true

But isn't too late to change your life.

He will say you when we'll meet again.

You know than I am patient.

I decided write a letter.

I didn't believe nothing.

I have fallen in .love with other person.

He was much happy to see her.