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1. Their shoes

2. Bethehem

3. Germany,.An English missionary, St Boniface, started the custom in the 8th century

4. Melchior, gold, Caspar, frankincese, Balthazar, myrrh

5 The festival of the star

6. Nazareth in Galilee

7. They all had the same dream warning them not to tell Herod about the birth of Jesus and where He was.

8. The Christmas box, a custom from the Middle Ages when alms boxes were placed in churches at Christmas to collect money for the poor.

9. Pope Gregory in 354 AD

10. Mathew, Isaac and Benjamin

11. Hoghmanay

12 Tom Smith, a baker

13. 1846

14 Yes, Herod was known to be cruel and he ordered all male children aged 2 or less to be killed

15. On St Nickolas day, 6th December

16. Gabriel

17. Counting the number of people living in a particular place at a given time.

18 A star

19 The time(6th January) when the wise men brought their gifts to Jesus

20 Santa's Reindeer

21: The season leading up to Christmas including 4 Sundays

22. Bethlehem To register in a census ordered by the Roman Emperor Augustus

23. Bethlehem was crowded because so many people had returned to take part in the census. There were no rooms at the inn

24. Herod

25. A Star


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Santa List

Every year Santa makes a list to see who is naughty and who is nice. Santa leaves presents for the nice kids under the tree and gives the naughty kids a lump of coal.

Help Santa decide who is naughty and nice

Mike did his chores every week.


Jenny kicked her little brother.


Ben stole some candy from the store.

Gurjot helped his sister with her homework.

Tomoko cleaned the blackboards at school.

Rosa cheated on her test at school.

Fred threw a rock at another boy.

Minsu helped his friends steal a bike.

Megan lied to her parents about her grades.

Wyatt did his homework every day.

George gave his allowance to help poor children.

Brenda swore at her friends.

Wuwun ran errands for her mother.

Eddie was caught smoking at school.

Ming volunteered at the library.

Ivan teased the younger kids at school.

Heidi shared her snacks with her friends.

Jose fought with his classmates.

Maria took care of her brother after school.

Stephen was a bully at school.

Dana taught her little brother how to read.

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